What Are Energy Labels and How Are They Changing

If you are planning to update the heart of your house by having new appliances, you need to know about the energy labels first. Energy efficiency is one of the important aspects to look for and you must not ignore when it comes to buying a new home appliance.

Energy labels

Are you planning to update your house by having new appliances? Make sure you pay attention to energy labels first.  Energy efficiency is an important aspect to look for when comes to buying a new home appliance.

When the electrical device is more energy-efficient, the more it will likely last longer and work better. This will help you choose an ideal set-up for your home.

But before we go to the changes that are made to the energy labels, it is also important to know what the energy label actually means.

What are Energy Labels

Energy labels help in the classification of energy consumption, which was introduced by the European Union in 1994. These labels on the electronic devices give prospective buyers the right information to make an informed purchase.

A device that has a high energy efficiency rating will ensure to have significant savings on bills. And, this is throughout the lifespan of that product. According to Special Eurobarometer 492, nearly 93% of consumers understand the value of the energy labels before purchasing any tool.

Why are Energy Labels Changing?

The new changes in the energy labels are made by keeping consumers in mind. Now they are specially designed to make people understand how energy efficient the appliance is.

In this way, you can compare the same appliances and come to know which one is perfect for you as per your requirements. At present, energy ratings vary from A+++ to D.

Due to the fast progress in technology, almost 80% of electrical appliances come together at the top of the scale. Further, it becomes difficult to find out which one actually has the best rating.

New energy labels will range from A to G, simplifying the entire purchase process . Class A will be given to the highest efficiency appliances, and class G will be given to the least energy-efficient equipment. Moreover, now it will be a little more difficult for the manufacturers to achieve the top energy rating due to several restrictions.

How Energy Labels Are Changing

A new energy label will be introduced across the UK from March 2021. Go through the given points to learn about the features of these labels:

  • Better Ranking Scale

 Now with a simple and easy-to-understand rank scale that is from A to G helps people to understand the energy efficiency of the machines easily. So, classes A+++, A++ and A+ are now fragment.

  • New icons

New icons will show more features of each product. For example, washing machines will show the spinning efficiency class. In addition, some of the icons will also tell you about the features that have been modified which is the best marketing strategy to induce customers to buy the product.

  • New QR Code

Now you can easily have access to the helpful information of the appliance by just scanning the QR code present on the label.

  • Energy Consumption Will be More Obvious

The energy consumption of the machine is now located at the center of the label, which makes the tag more prominent.


The new energy labels will cut down the time of the consumers to research for energy efficiency of a machine before purchasing them. It also encourages manufacturers as well as retailers to create energy-efficient products to grow business.