Did You Know About the World’s First Microwave-Powered Boiler?

Navkiran Mar 23, 2021
Microwave Powered Boiler Heat Wayv

The government encourages the installation of heat pumps to reach the target of zero carbon emission by 2050. They are extremely efficient and cheap to run, but they have high upfront costs. They can be troublesome to install and are not suitable for all properties. 

So, Heat Wayv microwave powered boilers are introduced that heat water using the highly reliable microwave technology. They emit zero greenhouse gases.

They will positively contribute to decarbonization by reducing up to 14% of the UK’s annual CO2. The boiler also eliminate carbon monoxide and the associated risks of death from its poisoning. They don’t need expensive heat pumps that are difficult to retrofit.

What is Heat Wayv?

Heat Wayv is a stylish, cost-effective, high-energy space and hot water system. Moreover, it’s developed for maximum capability and powered solely by electricity. You must be interested in checking energy labels here.

The microwave powered boiler can be quickly and easily installed or improvised by a certified tradesman. They are compatible with all existing heating control systems.

They have a similar size as existing gas boilers, so plumbers can easily install or repair if any problem occurs. In addition, these boilers easily connect to the company’s network, so customer service engineers can easily detect their problems online.

Key things of Heat Wayv microwave boiler are:

How does it heat a home?

Microwave boilers heat water the same way as microwave ovens heat food by using radio frequencies. Moreover, radiofrequency rapidly changes the electromagnetic fields causing the polar molecules to rotate fast. 

Energy transfers effectively from the electrical source to water molecules through this molecular activity.

The Installation Guide

Plumbers can easily install Heat Wayv appliances easily and quickly in half a day. The installation protocol is the same as a gas boiler. You can easily installed without a gas connection with the help of a plumber and electricians.

Installer Training 

National trade certification bodies will provide a training course for using this microwave powered boiler. Moreover, plumbers will need to attend a short product training course, lasting half a day or a day.

How does it operate?

It is easy to operate and can be accessed remotely via a smartphone app. It requires minimal physical maintenance. In addition, the product is compatible with existing home radiators, so it can be easy to install and maintain.

Is it Zero Carbon?

They are zero carbon in use, and they will eliminate carbon monoxide that will eliminate the potential risk of poisoning. 

They are sustainable not only for the environment but also commercially and financially to the teams which install them.

How will it be distributed?

This process is easy for engineers. In addition, they will go to their local merchant’s branch, get a boiler, and head to the customers’ property and fit it.

When will the technology be ready for installers to use?

Microwave boilers is for new build homes and housing associations. Also, new homes cannot use install gas boilers. The UK’s social housing sector is keen to move away from gas boilers for environmental and safety reasons. 


So, we can say that Heat Wayv can shape the future of heating in the UK. It’s an energy-efficient heating solution that instantly heats individual rooms in your home.