Book A Boiler Repair Quickly With New BAXI App Feature

Navkiran Mar 23, 2021

The climate in the UK remains mostly cloudy and cool throughout the year. So, boilers are one of the most important appliances in every home in the UK.

You need regular service and maintenance of boilers to keep them work efficiently and lower your energy bills. UK Boiler Breakdown Study 2019 finds that London needed the most boiler repairs with about 6.08% of boilers found broken down during this period.

Many boiler problems are common that you cannot solve on your own. You will find the new ‘Book a Boiler Repair’ feature of Baxi’s Toolbelt app quite helpful in such scenarios. You can request a Baxi’s customer service engineer with a single tap of a button through this new app.

People who use this app can book a repair on their smartphone easily. They scan their product’s barcode through the phone. You can also enter the boiler’s serial number if the barcode is not working. This is how smartphones are changing the trade industry.

After scanning the barcode or entering the serial number, you can highlight the problem with your boiler. Baxi’s customer support team will give you some time slots from which you can choose a schedule as per your convenience.

Features of Baxi Toolbelt App

Baxi’s Toolbelt App has different features. Such as:

  • List of error codes
  • Key contacts
  • Direct access to Baxi Works 

These features help you to register for a required boiler service quickly. These features make your task easy. It also saves you a lot of time.

According to the sales director of Baxi, David Cook, Baxi focuses on providing great customer service by listening to customers’ needs and wants. After discussing their problems and requirements, the company has introduced the new ‘Book a Repair’ within the app.

It saves time for customers by reducing the multiple steps required to book a boiler repair. They can also use the app to register the boiler conveniently.

You can download Baxi Toolbelt from the App Store if you have an Apple phone or Play Store on your Android phone. Make sure you download the upgraded version of the app to experience the latest features.