Schneider Electric Seeks Stronger Collaboration in Future Industries

Navkiran Mar 31, 2021
Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric, the organizer of the digital revolution of energy management, brings its business in the future vision. The wide call action of its enterprises is to embrace universal automation and digitalization.

Further, it will enhance the global economic recovery, process industries, and advanced manufacturing sectors. It is one of the most sustainable corporations in the world and a universal manufacturer with smart factory set up as well as distribution centers. It is on a mission to make their firm the possible future for all.

Universal Automation

At present industrial innovation is determined by powerful software as well as data analytics that aim to increase productivity and sustainability. Now net-zero factory operation is possible only with the enhanced power and connectivity.

The new solution of “Schneider Electric” is based on the EcoStruxure platform that fetches the benefits of sustainability and universal automation to its users.

Sustainable Efficiency

It approaches the manufacturing and process industries to adopt the production process with a sustainable mindset. Implementing innovative technology with achievable sustainability goals will assist them in accommodating new business opportunities.

Moreover, other organizations are able to conserve energy and preserve the natural environment. For instance, Schneider Electric facilitates Argentina’s largest refinery to extend and integrate the solution to have continuous energy improvement.

Software Automation

With the current pandemic situation and ever-changing customer requirements, they have emphasized the significance of software. The next evolution of the organization IoT digital plant management is “EcoStruxure Plant Advisor.”

On the basis of pilot project results, EcoStruxure Plant Advisor can make up to €2.8 million every year to upgrade the manufacturing site. No one is aware of the upcoming challenges, but the intelligent application will definitely help to overcome those challenges.


The digital standard that Schneider Electric offers has the potential to offer extraordinary operational capabilities. Also, they focus on providing new business opportunities to all the industrial stakeholders for smooth growth and development.