A Quick Overview of Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rental Industry

A Quick Overview of Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rental Industry

By 1 April 2021, residents with specified tenancy should have an ECIR or Electrical Installation Condition Report. However, due to the pandemic, the landlords and letting agents are facing issues related to compliance. The issues were worsened by the National Lockdown imposed on 4 January 2021 

Meaning of Electrical Safety Standards in Private Rental Industry

As per the regulations, every resident with electrical installation should be thoroughly inspected. They should be tested within a time interval of not more than 5 years. 

If the EICR seems unsatisfactory, it will be important to complete the remedial and future investigation within 28 days of the report. 

EICR is categorized into Unsatisfactory and Satisfactory. An Unsatisfactory EICR has the observation codes C1, C2, and/or Future Investigation (FI). In addition, iIt means that an electric danger is present or a follow-up might be needed to rule it out. 

Satisfactory EICR has only one observation code and this is C3. It is rendered if the installation safety can be improved by updating the electrical installation. 

The electrical installation is not unsafe. No such rectification of C3 observation is necessary for the landlord. However, they can surely choose to do so. 

In addition, the regulations for Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rental Industry were initiated in January 2020. With the lockdown and Covid19 pandemic, it became too challenging to comply with these regulations.

However, the government made sure that all necessary steps are taken to retain the electric safety of private rented homes.

The government mentioned in the 2021 National Lockdown that people who are not able to work from home can go to their respective sites for the same. 

It signified that the electrical contractors could visit the sites for electrical inspection, installation, testing, and related tasks. Moreover, the government came up with guidance for local authorities on the enforcement of standards in rented properties as per electrical safety regulations. 

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