Tradespersons-Clients Etiquettes Guide

Learn about important Tradespersons-Clients Etiquettes and practice to make field services easier and smoother.

If you have a tradesperson working at your home, it might be challenging to comprehend different ways of interaction with them. 

You might not know the etiquettes for better coordination. Here is your tradespersons-clients etiquettes guide you should read to make things smoother and easier. 

Tips for Tradesman

If you are a tradesman working at a client’s place, follow the tips that are mentioned below

  • Always carry your ID and certifications.
  • Do not ask for food yourself. However, do not ignore it if you are being offered by the owner. Though, it’s best to carry your snacks.
  • Try not to have any personal, political, or religious conversation. If they start such a conversation, change the topic in a polite manner. 
  • Do not enter the private areas of the house including bedrooms.
  • It’s better not to work in the absence of the owner.
  • Lastly, do not accept any kind of bribes.

Tips for Clients

If you are a client or a homeowner who has a tradesman working at home then make sure to follow the tips below 

  • Make sure to keep the area clean and tidy.
  • You should offer treats and snacks when a tradesman comes to your home. 
  • Try to familiarise them with home rules (where to wash hands or rest) for better understanding. 
  • If your tradesperson is a music lover, allow them to listen to some music while working.
  • Give them some driveway space for parking.
  • Make sure to interact and know more about them. If you like their work, they can end up being your permanent tradesman. 

So, this was an important brief tradespersons-clients etiquettes guide you should follow. To sum up, it’s a two-way road where both the tradesperson and the owner have to be polite with each other. 

Hopefully, you got a clear idea of the Tradesman-Client Etiquettes Guide.