Earnings for Plumbers Increased as Industry Hits Stride

In February 2021, the earnings of plumbers increased by about 4.8% as the construction industry hit its peak after several years. According to the Hudson Contract, the average weekly pay of the plumber increased to £983 during February.

Many contractors are seeing a high demand for plumbing contractors across England and Wales. Most of the people who are in the plumbing business are booked for days with orders. 

The pandemic has brought a lot of trouble for many businesses, but the plumbing sector has fought its way through and is growing as well. 

Why Choose Plumbing as a Career?

Following are a few reasons to become a plumber. 

  • An attractive wage: Day by day the demand for skilled plumbers is increasing, due to which wages are also rising. According to a survey, the average annual plumber salary is around £25,050 in the UK. Moreover, as you gain experience in plumbing, you could expect a yearly salary of around £40,000.
  • Job satisfaction: Similar to other trades, plumbing offers you job satisfaction. It is because plumbing is a specialised profession, and you need to learn skills as well as techniques for it. Also, there is always a high demand for skilled plumbers, which means your plumbing job is secure too.
  • No experience needed: When you think about starting your career as a plumber, you do not need any experience for it. But, yes, you need to go through with an apprenticeship program. Or, you may also learn the skills by joining any plumbing firm as a trainee. 
  • Ideal for those who are social: When you become a plumber, it gives you an opportunity to go to different locations for treating plumbing issues. In a day you may need to visit many houses, thus if you love to be social it is a great career for you.

Wrapping Up

All in all, plumbing is a good career option for current situations and for the future. Moreover, the UK government’s new scheme for plumbers makes this profession more valuable.