Earnings for Plumbers Increased as Industry Hits Stride

In February 2021, the earnings of plumbers increased by about 4.8% as the construction industry hit its peak after several years. According to the Hudson Contract, the average weekly pay of the plumber increased to £983 during February.

Many contractors are seeing a high demand for plumbing contractors across England and Wales. Most of the people who are in the plumbing business are booked for days with orders. 

The pandemic has brought a lot of trouble for many businesses, but the plumbing sector has fought its way through and is growing as well. 

Why Choose Plumbing as a Career?

Following are a few reasons to become a plumber. 

  • An attractive wage: Day by day the demand for skilled plumbers is increasing, due to which wages are also rising. According to a survey, the average annual plumber salary is around £25,050 in the UK. Moreover, as you gain experience in plumbing, you could expect a yearly salary of around £40,000.
  • Job satisfaction: Similar to other trades, plumbing offers you job satisfaction. It is because plumbing is a specialised profession, and you need to learn skills as well as techniques for it. Also, there is always a high demand for skilled plumbers, which means your plumbing job is secure too.
  • No experience needed: When you think about starting your career as a plumber, you do not need any experience for it. But, yes, you need to go through with an apprenticeship program. Or, you may also learn the skills by joining any plumbing firm as a trainee. 
  • Ideal for those who are social: When you become a plumber, it gives you an opportunity to go to different locations for treating plumbing issues. In a day you may need to visit many houses, thus if you love to be social it is a great career for you.

Wrapping Up

All in all, plumbing is a good career option for current situations and for the future. Moreover, the UK government’s new scheme for plumbers makes this profession more valuable. 

Business Trends of Locksmith Industry in 2021

The locksmith industry follows the latest technology with rather fast steps. Over the years, people have opted out of traditional methods for modern-day smart lock solutions.

With the rapid development of residential and commercial buildings, security is high in demand. The locksmiths’ industry provides a wide range of services in this regard. They carry out activities like installation and maintenance of electronic access control systems, safes, CCTV, and other security services. 

The locksmith industry follows the latest technology with rather fast steps. Over the years, people have opted out of traditional methods for modern-day smart lock solutions. 

Business Trends of Locksmith Industry 2021

This demand for enhanced security is shaping the locksmith industry with the following trends:

Bluetooth and WiFi-Enabled Door Locks

Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled door lock technology is developing fast. These locks can be handled with your smartphones. They are operated by applications, which allow you to lock or unlock the doors with a single tap. 

You can add the number of users who can use these applications to operate your doors. It allows you to set temporary and permanent accounts for the users at all times or specific times as per your demand. 

You need to be within a certain range to operate Bluetooth-enable door locks unless you are using a Wi-Fi connection. It will allow you to control your door lock from anywhere and anytime. 

Such types of locks include features as voice & face recognition, alert notifications for forced entries. They can also check the history of locking and unlocking doors and auto-lock systems.

Locksmiths are also embracing the benefits of digital payments to gain more from the technology. This is one of most important business trends of locksmith industry 2021.

Connect Home With Locks

You can use systems that will connect lights, appliances, and other electronics in your home with your device. 

With such systems’ help, your doors will be unlocked if there is a fire occurrence in the house. Lights will turn on when you unlock the door.

Smart locks start gaining immense popularity, and locksmiths are trying to keep up with the latest trends. According to the market forecast, the locksmith industry is growing rapidly, and this business has a huge scope.