The Number Of Skilled Trades People In The UK Is Growing

Despite uncertainties across the industries, most of the people are looking to go for skilled trade options.

Having a skilled trade can allocate you with a job for life. There are several reasons why people prefer the skilled job as a long-term profession for them.

It includes a chance to be your own boss and set your own working hours, on-going demand from customers, a rewarding job as well as career satisfaction.

But due to the current pandemic, the rate of unemployment in the UK is also increasing. Despite uncertainties across the industries, most of the people are looking to go for skilled trade options.

So lots of people are upskilling, retraining, and joining this industry for trade business helps.

Main Sectors Of Trade Industry

According to the national statistics standard occupational, there are four major sectors that are in demand for skilled trades industry, and these are:

  • Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades
  • Textiles, printing, and other skilled trades
  • Skilled agricultural and related trades
  • Skilled construction and building trades

The Effect of Coronavirus on the Trades Industry

As now people are spending more time indoors, preferences also change for how their homes look and what they offer. So running your own business as trade workers helps you to improve your homes in different ways.

Further, they also complete emergency repairs as well as maintenance on a daily basis, so are also considered as an essential worker by the government. So at present, there is a boom in demand for self-employed tradesperson.

Trades people are also pouring into the UK’s economic recovery from the current pandemic due to coronavirus. As a result, most of the people are joining the trades industry as their occupation.

As per a report by access training UK, there is around a 29% increase in the number of people who are registering for construction-led courses in 2020. And the numbers of people who are enrolling themselves for the professional plumbing course have also doubled as compared to the previous years.


Now is the time for you to take benefits and step into a new career as a skilled tradesperson. This is a good option is you are highly qualified, highly paid, as well as highly desirable.

Skilled Worker Jobs Spike Led By Increasing Workload

The growing workload in the industry is driving an increased demand for skilled labor.

Are you looking for a career change? Maybe, you are a skilled worker and are concerned about your career in the future!

In either case, you will be happy with this news:

“The growing workload in the industry is driving an increased demand for skilled labor.”

According to the staffing firm, People-Ready, construction job postings for increased by more than 50% last month. Similarly, the firm noticed a 300% spike in job postings for drywall finishers.

DP Construction, a general contractor based in Quincy says that the demand is fueled by low interest rates and stimulus money. As a result, people wish to spend their extra money on projects like home improvements.

The company’s president – Derek Price – states that they use competitive paychecks, benefits and their work ethics to win good employees. Both contractors and subcontractors need highly skilled workers. He says there are both advancements as well as opportunities for tradespersons. 

Price adds that the construction industry pays well, and when you get promoted to managerial levels, the pay becomes really good.

DP Construction provides on-job training and looks out for skilled workers with an understanding of how the industry works. The company also welcomes skilled worker from different career backgrounds and want to enter the construction industry.

But the construction industry has battled a lot of challenges. Because of the pandemic, high umber prices result in increased costs. In addition, building materials are taking a significantly long time to ship. For new projects, the key is to keep patience. 

Construction Industry: One of the Fast-Growing Sectors Hiring Rapidly 

House building is a notable spot when it comes to the job industry in recent times. As a result, the construction industry is witnessing significant growth both in terms of projects and demand for skilled worker.

In-demand roles in the industry include site workers, site managers, and bricklayers. Even robots cannot put you out of your job in this industry.