The Most Productive Time of the Day for Tradespersons

Time matters a lot when it comes to field service efficiency. Read here your guide to the most productive time of the day for tradespersons.

A new study revealed the most productive times of each tradesperson in the UK. It stated that an average UK worker is more efficient during the lunch breaks.

The study showed that UK workers are most productive in the morning around 11:45 am. However, they are most creative during their midday break, around 12:42 on. 

Tic Watches conducted the research where he asked 1500 employees to mention the time they feel most creative.

It was seen that young people were less likely to feel productive within the 9 am to 5 pm time slot. 2 in 5 young people in the age group (25-34 years) felt more active and creative outside their 9-5 job timings. 

About 18% of millennials felt that most creative and productive before 9 am. Also, the same percentage was seen to be efficient after 5 pm. 

As per the profession, accountants felt more creative around 9:48 in the morning. On the other hand, the sales professionals are active up to 1:12 pm in the afternoon. Following is the most productive time of the day for tradespersons.

Professions that were Creative Early in the Day

Civil Servant: 11:00 am

Accounts: 9:48 am

IT: 11:48 am

Plumbers/Builders/Electricians: 11:00 am

Office/Administration Workers: 11:42 am

Professions that were Creative Late in the Day

HR/Recruiter: 12:45pm

Sales: 1:12 pm

Finance: 12:36 pm

Teacher: 12:00 pm

Operations: 12:24 pm

British workers said they feel the most active around 11:06 am. 21% of the workers feel more energetic between 10-11 am. 

However, with passing time, they tend to feel more lethargic. They are likely to feel lazy around the end of the day. The time slots are usually 4-5 pm and 3-4 pm. 

As per the study, only 3% of people feel less active during this time. To sum up, UK workers are quite creative, productive, and active during early work shifts. Hopefully, this guide to the most productive time of the day for tradespersons help you.