Shortage of Electricians in the UK

Are you facing difficulty in finding an electrician for your next home project? The reason is the shortage of these tradespeople in the UK due to many reasons.

Are you facing difficulty in finding an electrician for your next home project? The reason is the shortage of these tradespeople in the UK due to many reasons.

The country is facing a skills crisis, particularly in the electrical sector. It is because of the UK’s net-zero target and the drive for greener technology. To cover the needs of people for electrical emergencies or to cope up with the latest developments like smart meters, the country needs skilled electricians. 

The Shortage Means Increasing Demand for an Electrician

If you want to start your career, then an electrician is a good option. The shortage of skilled electricians means there is high demand for new electricians and more chances to get selected in the apprentice program. 

You can choose this career after you finish high school and can join as a trainee to any tradesperson or contractor. 

Electrician as a careers 

According to The Federation of Master Builders research, experienced and skilled trades people earn thousands more than graduates. And, the average annual salary of an electrician in the UK is around £47,250.

To become an electrician, you do not need to look far and wide for schooling and education. To learn trade skills, you can join the government’s training and apprenticeship program or can join a well-established trade firm. 

This career allows you to gain vast knowledge on electrical items and also improve your technical as well as communication skills. 

One of the best reasons to become an electrician is that you can own your office on wheels. Also, you can offer your services to commercial and residential customers at your own price. 

Wrapping up

Choosing the electrician as a career is a great idea if you’re someone who is looking for a secure job for the future. Moreover, with a shortage of electricians in the UK, it is the best time to get involved in the electrician trade.

Majority of UK Homes Not Suitable For a Heat Pump

Majority of UK Homes Not Suitable for a heat pump: This might be surprising but this is really true. Here’s all you need to know!

Are you planning to install a heat pump in your home?

If yes, then make sure you are using another heating method with a heat pump. 

According to the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA) report, installing heat pumps alone will not solve the domestic heat decarbonisation issue of the UK. Therefore, you need to take support of other heating options like a hydrogen gas network. This helps to achieve a net-zero target of UK by 2050

According to the report, there are a lot of challenges of retro-fitting different types of low carbon heating technologies. This is due to the availability of different sizes, building age, and customer acceptance to these solutions. 

Moreover, it is also estimated that to achieve the net-zero target, energy efficiency solutions are a must. But, some measures that support heat pumps are intrusive to install and not acceptable by energy customers. In addition to examining building material and age, it is also important to consider the internal system for installing heat pumps and hydrogen boilers. 

What Does Stats Say?

About 54 per cent of homes in the UK use gas due to the lack of exterior space and unique thermal properties of buildings. In this case, the heat pump cannot meet the requirements of the property. To make heat pump effective, homeowners in the UK should opt for solid wall insulation, which may cost them more. 

In the end, it is concluded that the mean heat pumps are a good solution for very few properties. So, you also need to consider hydrogen, biogas and other hybrid systems to support the net-zero ambition by 2050.

Call for skilled trade persons who are expert in installing heat pumps and other hybrid systems. This will save you money on utility bills and protect your property from potential harm. 

All You Need To Know About Portable Water Pipework

When it comes to the health of people, it is crucial to ensure the best supply of potable water. It is essential to maintain water quality as people use it for drinking and food preparation.

When it comes to the health of people, it is crucial to ensure the best supply of potable water.  It is essential to maintain water quality as people use it for drinking and food preparation.

Hence all installations must fulfill existing UK regulation standards for quality drinking water. Technical Support Manager Glen Peter at Viega talks about some problems that enclose potable water supply in new and existing buildings. 

The material or products that are used for the successful delivery of potable water is extremely important. The reason behind this is that it completely impacts the design of the water allocation system. 

At present, all equipment must comply with UK regulations to offer healthy drinking water in support of public health. In addition, the UK regulations follows the latest guidance from the WHO (World Health Organization). 

The WHO document for ‘Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality’ makes a reliable base to set national regulations and standards for water safety. Basically, it focuses on the standard for potable water. 

Further, it also gives some acceptable limits for chemical, microbial, and radiological elements that can act as harmful elements to human’s health. Moreover, it also lay down the ‘acceptability aspects’ including odor, taste, and appearance.

It also plays a vital role in gaining consumer confidence towards the quality of the water. The UK government has also set up new schemes for future plumbers in order to ensure the safety of people related to portable water pipelines.

Press Connections For Potable Water Pipework

There are multiple benefits of using press connection technology for drinking water. For instance, the cold, functional system needs not to require lubricants and chemicals that can contaminate the water supply.

In addition, installers can also use it on an extensive range of materials like stainless steel, copper, and MLCP. With an appropriate product design certified for potable water, you can be sure that the pipe materials and fittings do not affect the water. 

Final Words

Installers can ensure for consistent supply of potable water with a careful selection of material specification and installation.

The UK Government’s New Scheme for Future Plumbers

The UK government aims to address plumbers and wants to attract new talent to this sector. They recently announced new reforms to its apprenticeship funding system.

With the rise of smart products and home automation systems, plumbers have to work with new devices that didn’t exist many years ago. It gives opportunities to skilled workers to grow and also creates more opportunities for the next generation. The government also emphasized this on World plumbing Day this year.

The UK government aims to address plumbers and wants to attract new talent to this sector. They recently announced new reforms to its apprenticeship funding system. The government targets to help young deprived people to get into an apprenticeship. 

With this aim, Ideal Standard is working in partnership with the following organizations:

  • Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering (CIPHE)
  • Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA) 
  • Design education body FIESTA. 

They are helping to fund the schemes for plumbers when the pandemic is causing troubles for apprenticeships. Three-fifths of apprentices lost their job due to uncertainties during the pandemic. 

How the Government is Helping Plumbers 

Ideal Standard is offering apprenticeship training within the CIPHE network through different businesses. They are trying to help youngsters to gain education and experience in the plumbing field. Some top learning providers will train these youngsters in the UK. These trainers have been selected from the CIPHE network.

The Bathroom Manufacturers Association is offering local apprenticeships around its sites in Hull, Armitage, and London. The Government’s Apprenticeship Levy and Ideal Standard fund these new schemes for plumbers. Also, smaller companies will provide some proportion of funds to offer apprenticeships at this time of the pandemic.

MD of Ideal Standard UK, David Barbar says that this type of scheme is new in the industry. It is a good opportunity to lead the young talent and apprentices to begin their careers in the plumbing and heating industry.

The Chief executive of the CIPHE, Kevin Wellman, says that there is already a shortage of plumbing skills in the industry. In addition, they will introduce these schemes are at the exact time.

The UK government has pledged to provide 30,000 new apprenticeships to raise the employability profile of young people. Also, the chancellor confirmed that the government injects an additional £111 million this year for apprenticeships in the UK. 

Book A Boiler Repair Quickly With New BAXI App Feature

You will find the new ‘Book a Boiler Repair’ feature of Baxi’s Toolbelt app quite helpful in such scenarios. You can request a Baxi’s customer service engineer with a single tap of a button through this new app.

The climate in the UK remains mostly cloudy and cool throughout the year. So, boilers are one of the most important appliances in every home in the UK.

You need regular service and maintenance of boilers to keep them work efficiently and lower your energy bills. UK Boiler Breakdown Study 2019 finds that London needed the most boiler repairs with about 6.08% of boilers found broken down during this period.

Many boiler problems are common that you cannot solve on your own. You will find the new ‘Book a Boiler Repair’ feature of Baxi’s Toolbelt app quite helpful in such scenarios. You can request a Baxi’s customer service engineer with a single tap of a button through this new app.

People who use this app can book a repair on their smartphone easily. They scan their product’s barcode through the phone. You can also enter the boiler’s serial number if the barcode is not working. This is how smartphones are changing the trade industry.

After scanning the barcode or entering the serial number, you can highlight the problem with your boiler. Baxi’s customer support team will give you some time slots from which you can choose a schedule as per your convenience.

Features of Baxi Toolbelt App

Baxi’s Toolbelt App has different features. Such as:

  • List of error codes
  • Key contacts
  • Direct access to Baxi Works 

These features help you to register for a required boiler service quickly. These features make your task easy. It also saves you a lot of time.

According to the sales director of Baxi, David Cook, Baxi focuses on providing great customer service by listening to customers’ needs and wants. After discussing their problems and requirements, the company has introduced the new ‘Book a Repair’ within the app.

It saves time for customers by reducing the multiple steps required to book a boiler repair. They can also use the app to register the boiler conveniently.

You can download Baxi Toolbelt from the App Store if you have an Apple phone or Play Store on your Android phone. Make sure you download the upgraded version of the app to experience the latest features. 

Triton Showers Introduces the New Blueprint for Bathroom Safety Standards

Triton Safety launches an initiative to draw the attention of people towards bathroom safety.

Studies find that every year across the UK, approximately 6000 people are injured, and 80 people died from bathroom accidents. To address this concern, Triton Showers, a leading shower manufacturer in the UK, has come up with a safety initiative. 

The company launches bathroom safety standards to draw the attention of people towards bathroom safety. It focuses on the critical nature of shower accessories and the dangers of installing incompatible, poor-quality products.

Triton Showers comes up with a whole new framework to outline your homes’ key bathroom safety considerations. This is the Blueprint for Bathroom Safety that shows how to make your bathrooms fit and safe for all generations. Also, it covers the main components of specifying bathrooms, particularly in light of the UK’s aging population. 

Blueprint for Bathroom Safety

According to Triton’s sales director, Stuart Lane, bathrooms are the most common room in your house. It has different risks for people with limited adaptability, adeptness, or vision. We can implement several safety features to prevent these risks. You can install intelligent controls or accessibility apparatus in this regard.

Senior Technical Manager for Triton, Steve Saunders, says it is a huge problem for the bathroom industry. You cannot compromise with quality standards, and this room needs constant attention to competently protect people in their own homes.

Four-Part Checklist by Triton Showers

Triton has developed a four-part checklist for the sake of the complexity of bathroom and shower specifications. So, to ensure a fit-for-purpose space, the PASA test combines the four key areas: 

  • Purpose
  • Accessibility
  • Safety 
  • Aesthetics 

Different factors are important for a safe and suitable bathroom. In these factors, we can overlook style for older generations. So, if you are a plumber, you need to see things the customers’ way.

In addition to these bathroom safety standards, Triton offers an Omnicare range for inclusive shower solutions. Also, it combines the principles of safety and simplicity for a product, and it serves all ages and movability. In addition, it offers accessibility features such as:

  • Remote control on/off 
  • Audible feedback 
  • Intuitive operation

It also has a feature of thermostatic temperature reassurance, and it can be furnished well. In addition, Triton only offers shower accessories after testing this for the user’s safety in mind. 

Did You Know About the World’s First Microwave-Powered Boiler?

Did You Know About the World’s First Microwave-Powered Boiler? Check out everything about Heat Wayv!

The government encourages the installation of heat pumps to reach the target of zero carbon emission by 2050. They are extremely efficient and cheap to run, but they have high upfront costs. They can be troublesome to install and are not suitable for all properties. 

So, Heat Wayv microwave powered boilers are introduced that heat water using the highly reliable microwave technology. They emit zero greenhouse gases.

They will positively contribute to decarbonization by reducing up to 14% of the UK’s annual CO2. The boiler also eliminate carbon monoxide and the associated risks of death from its poisoning. They don’t need expensive heat pumps that are difficult to retrofit.

What is Heat Wayv?

Heat Wayv is a stylish, cost-effective, high-energy space and hot water system. Moreover, it’s developed for maximum capability and powered solely by electricity. You must be interested in checking energy labels here.

The microwave powered boiler can be quickly and easily installed or improvised by a certified tradesman. They are compatible with all existing heating control systems.

They have a similar size as existing gas boilers, so plumbers can easily install or repair if any problem occurs. In addition, these boilers easily connect to the company’s network, so customer service engineers can easily detect their problems online.

Key things of Heat Wayv microwave boiler are:

How does it heat a home?

Microwave boilers heat water the same way as microwave ovens heat food by using radio frequencies. Moreover, radiofrequency rapidly changes the electromagnetic fields causing the polar molecules to rotate fast. 

Energy transfers effectively from the electrical source to water molecules through this molecular activity.

The Installation Guide

Plumbers can easily install Heat Wayv appliances easily and quickly in half a day. The installation protocol is the same as a gas boiler. You can easily installed without a gas connection with the help of a plumber and electricians.

Installer Training 

National trade certification bodies will provide a training course for using this microwave powered boiler. Moreover, plumbers will need to attend a short product training course, lasting half a day or a day.

How does it operate?

It is easy to operate and can be accessed remotely via a smartphone app. It requires minimal physical maintenance. In addition, the product is compatible with existing home radiators, so it can be easy to install and maintain.

Is it Zero Carbon?

They are zero carbon in use, and they will eliminate carbon monoxide that will eliminate the potential risk of poisoning. 

They are sustainable not only for the environment but also commercially and financially to the teams which install them.

How will it be distributed?

This process is easy for engineers. In addition, they will go to their local merchant’s branch, get a boiler, and head to the customers’ property and fit it.

When will the technology be ready for installers to use?

Microwave boilers is for new build homes and housing associations. Also, new homes cannot use install gas boilers. The UK’s social housing sector is keen to move away from gas boilers for environmental and safety reasons. 


So, we can say that Heat Wayv can shape the future of heating in the UK. It’s an energy-efficient heating solution that instantly heats individual rooms in your home.

The Number Of Skilled Trades People In The UK Is Growing

Despite uncertainties across the industries, most of the people are looking to go for skilled trade options.

Having a skilled trade can allocate you with a job for life. There are several reasons why people prefer the skilled job as a long-term profession for them.

It includes a chance to be your own boss and set your own working hours, on-going demand from customers, a rewarding job as well as career satisfaction.

But due to the current pandemic, the rate of unemployment in the UK is also increasing. Despite uncertainties across the industries, most of the people are looking to go for skilled trade options.

So lots of people are upskilling, retraining, and joining this industry for trade business helps.

Main Sectors Of Trade Industry

According to the national statistics standard occupational, there are four major sectors that are in demand for skilled trades industry, and these are:

  • Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades
  • Textiles, printing, and other skilled trades
  • Skilled agricultural and related trades
  • Skilled construction and building trades

The Effect of Coronavirus on the Trades Industry

As now people are spending more time indoors, preferences also change for how their homes look and what they offer. So running your own business as trade workers helps you to improve your homes in different ways.

Further, they also complete emergency repairs as well as maintenance on a daily basis, so are also considered as an essential worker by the government. So at present, there is a boom in demand for self-employed tradesperson.

Trades people are also pouring into the UK’s economic recovery from the current pandemic due to coronavirus. As a result, most of the people are joining the trades industry as their occupation.

As per a report by access training UK, there is around a 29% increase in the number of people who are registering for construction-led courses in 2020. And the numbers of people who are enrolling themselves for the professional plumbing course have also doubled as compared to the previous years.


Now is the time for you to take benefits and step into a new career as a skilled tradesperson. This is a good option is you are highly qualified, highly paid, as well as highly desirable.

East Of England Unveiled As The Trade Business Capital Of The U.K.

Trade can help your organization to build a competitive advantage, survive and attain sustainable growth. East of England is a hub of trade services, and it is also known as the business capital of the U.K.

England products, services, and expertise continue to be in demand in the markets such as the U.S., China, Europe, and more. Trading for much business is first and foremost a way for East of London to achieve growth.


According to a report in 2019, the U.K. exports were worth £689 billion or 31.1% of GDP. And, most of the trade takes place in East of London.

Why East of England is Famous as the Trade Business Capital of U.K.

The reason for more trading options in East of England is the availability of economic stability, a diverse labor force, and resources.

Further, the East of London features good transportation, easy taxes, an educated population, and big businessmen. So, all these help make it the trade capital of the U.K.

Bringing new revenue opportunities, trading can help U.K. businesses raise the efficiency level of operations. Further, trade is also a catalyst for advancement, which can lead to long-term competitive advantage for a company as well as employees.

As per the trade news, it is expected that the gross domestic product of the U.K. will also grow by 7% in 2021 and 6.2% in 2022.

East London is one of the top financial cities that have a Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI) rating of 787. Further, the bank of international settlements (BIS) has also confirmed the sturdy position of the U.K. in the trade businesses.

Moreover, by offering innovative returns opportunities, exporting can also help U.K. businesses to increase their efficiency of operations.

All in all, it is true that the success and strong position of the Trade business of the U.K. is due to the east of England.

UK To Become the Saudi Arabia of Wind Power?

“As Saudi Arabia is to oil, the UK is to wind.” Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces £160m for developing turbines to make the country greener.

In February 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced £160m for developing turbines to make the country greener. In addition to making the UK world leader in clean wind energy, the plan aims to create thousands of job opportunities in construction and other areas.

The Boris Johnson wind power speech was scheduled in September 2020. But, the the timetable slipped due to the global pandemic.

In this speech, the PM has pledged to power every UK home with offshore wind energy by 2030. This will also help reduce business costs. During this announcement, Mr. Johnson compared the country’s offshore wind resources to Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth.

“As Saudi Arabia is to oil, the UK is to wind.”

Mr. Johnson plans to rebuild the UK economy that is hit by COVID-19. He also plans to tackle the growing unemployment by guaranteeing 50,000+ jobs following the adoption of wind energy.

The whole package will reportedly help use hydrogen as a fuel for industries and spur carbon capture technology. Those familiar with the plan also claim a ban on selling petrol cars nationwide.

Is Offshore Wind Power Really the Future?

Boris Johnson wind power speech

The size and scale of offshore wind farms are bigger in comparison with the UK’s onshore counterparts. Therefore, the offshore route has a high potential to produce more electricity.

It also causes little to no effects on the countryside landscape as well as the wildlife. These can further help the environment in addition to minimizing the nation’s fossil fuel consumption.

From Scotland to Wales, all local communities will gain from their infrastructure upgrades. Smaller suppliers will win orders and investment from energy firms worldwide, thus helping UK SME businesses to improve their international existence.

Developers win licenses for offshore wind projects.

Oil companies including BP and Total won the first Crown Estate auction of seabed licenses. As a result, the firms are paving their way for nearly six offshore wind projects in British waters.

The Crown Estate refers to a collection of the UK’s lands and holdings. It belongs to the monarch, which makes it the sovereign’s public property. It’s neither government property nor the monarch’s private estate.

This new wind energy scheme, explained in the Boris Johnson wind power speech, is projected to increase the UK’s offshore wind capacity by nearly 8GW. As a result, the UK government could set a target to quadrupling the amount of offshore wind to up to 40G by 2030.

Energy Minister Anne-Marie Trevelyan says that wind energy will power UK homes while eliminating the UK’s carbon emissions by 2050.

Probability of the Project’s Realization

The whole project still needs more environmental assessments and permissions to get realized. But, after the PM’s promise to power the country with wind, most industry experts are confident that the scheme will become a reality soon.

Melanie Onn, CEO of RenewableUK, says that offshore wind will serve as the backbone of the UK’s future electricity system. He adds that the growth of offshore wind projects helps ensure the capacity needed to run this project. These new schemes could decarbonize the country’s energy system, helping it achieve net zero.