World Plumbing Day- March 11

Navkiran Mar 16, 2021
World Plumbing Day

The World Plumbing Council selected World Plumbing Day – MARCH 11 – to encourage the professional working in this industry. This day is meant to make these service providers aware of their imperative role they play in the lives of people worldwide.

On this day, the plumbing community comes together to build connections and share their knowledge.They also look for more opportunities to improve the quality and access to supply freshwater as well as safe sanitation.

There are several annual World Plumbing Day events that are organized to encourage the plumbers to offer good plumbing sanitation and environmental health.

Why is it Important

For the benefit of all, it is imperative to encourage the role of plumbing to improve public health. They also help preserve the environment by uniting the World Plumbing Industry. 

Plumbers are putting their efforts to deliver fresh water, effective hygiene, and sanitation. As a result, now it is possible to overcome the suffering of deadly diseases like cholera and typhoid. Also, statistical and market research shows a huge demand for plumbers and other tradespersons.

But still there are some parts of the world that do not have the facility of fresh water and sanitation and millions of people are dying every year. So it is important to promote this sector to every corner of the world to deal with such deadly diseases.

How Advance Technology Helps

There are a wide range of plumbing products available to make water as well as energy supplies more sustainable. For instance, rainwater harvesting, recycling water, and conservation of water allows us to preserve and have a healthy water supply.

Moreover, with several new developments in the plumbing industry, it helps to restrict the use of water as well. Further, with low flow shower heads, modern double-flush toilets. Many other products you can see that the plumbing sector is becoming greener and cost effective. Moreover, there are apps that simplify the business and make it run smoothly. 

Wrapping Up

The World Plumbing Council invites everybody to get involved. On this day, plumbers connect with each other joining the World Plumbing Day activities.